Cost Accountant Job in Nairobi Kenya (80K)

Job Title: Cost Accountant
Location: Nairobi
Salary: 80,000
Experience in Health Care / Pharmaceutical Industry Required

Description: Lead the development of a cost accounting framework in order to enable reporting of contribution margin by specialty as a first priority, but ultimately to determine the cost of each individual episode of patient care. 

This will require an ability to understand the information available from a number of separate systems and work with IT, Supply Chain, Clinicians, and Departmental Managers to develop an effective and reliable solution. 

As owner of the cost accounting initiative and contribution margin reporting, provide support to financial analysts as required for budgeting and forecasting purposes

Data Collection
  • Construct data accumulation systems for a cost accounting system
  • Create and review the controls needed for data accumulation and reporting systems
  • Coordinate physical inventory counts and cycle counts
  • Investigate cycle counting variances and resolve issues
  • Update standard costs in the bill of materials
  • Review standard and actual costs for inaccuracies
  • Validate the cost of goods sold as part of the month-end close
  • Accumulate and apply overhead costs as required by generally accepted accounting principles
  • Work with the materials review board to locate and dispose of obsolete inventory
  • Conduct ongoing process constraint analyses
  • Report on breakeven points by products, work centers, and factories
  • Report on margins by product and division
  • Report on periodic variances and their causes, focusing in particular on spending variances
  • Analyze capital budgeting requests
  • Perform cost accumulation tasks as a member of the target costing group
Desired Qualifications: 
  •  3+ years of accounting/finance experience. 
  • Also, a BA/BS degree, as well as excellent analysis skills, and the ability to collaborate with a multi-department team.  
  • Also helpful to have experience manipulating large databases.
  • Experience in Health Care/ Pharmaceutical Industry Required
Working Conditions: The cost accountant generally works in an office environment, but is expected to be highly familiar with all operations, and to regularly visit all significant company operations.