Enterprise Manager Job in Kenya

Enterprise Manager
Nariokotome which is an BMU based in Nariokotome Anam, Turkana County was registered in 3rd July 2011 under the Government of Kenya (GOK). It is owned by 70 members who are involved in fishing. Nariokotome BMU has recently received an Organizational Assistance Grant (OAG) from the United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF).

The grant will be used to strengthen the capacity of the organization in order to improve its capacity for developing expanded fishing activities. This is a 24 month’s grant, with a possibility of follow up funding for another 36 months, but, based on successful
achievement of the OAG Project Description and Availability of Funds at the USADF.

For the successful implementation of the OAG, Nariokotome BMU is seeking to hire an Enterprise Manager who will work with the Nariokotome Board to implement the grant, achieving set objectives.

Job Description:
Position: Enterprise Manager

Location: Nariokotome Anam Village, Nachukui Sub location, Turkana County

Duration: 1 year with possibility of extension based on performance and availability of funds

Report to: Nariokotome BMU Board

Salary: Kes. 50,000

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities
The Enterprise Manager will:

Overseeing Nariokotome Operations
  • Oversee all Nariokotome activities, delegate as needed, and follow up to ensure activities are completed;
  • Lead and motivate the project team;
  • Designing project sustainability proposals for discussion with Nariokotome BMU board, and thereafter sharing with other potential funding hence spearheading the pursuit of requisite resources.
  • Play the role of contact person for the donor, partner, all staff, stakeholders and the beneficiary community ensuring timely dissemination of necessary information from the donor and partner to the board and members;
  • Ensure close collaboration and coordination with cooperating partners for smooth implementation of activities and achievement of results as specified in the grant agreement;
  • Continually read to understand the Nariokotome BMU /USADF Project grant agreement and ensure that Nariokotome activities, procedures and conduct are in line with the terms and conditions of the grant;
  • Continually liaise with the USADF partner on necessary adjustments or changes Nariokotome BMU might seek to introduce during the grant implementation period that were not mentioned in the original grant paperwork, and, letting USADF know ahead of changing including but not limited to budget shifts;
Required Project Activities
  • Ensure implementation and achievement of at the minimum 95% projections Appendix A Indicator Projections for Nariokotome BMU by the 15th month of employment. This should be tracked on a pro-lata basis through the months;
  • Responsible for Disbursement Requests and Quarterly Reports on regular basis to the donor and any other report that may be requested based on need;
  • Ensure that project activities comply with the policies and regulations of the Nariokotome BMU and USADF;
  • Oversee the development and execution of project deliverables and action points, planning, budgeting and monitoring processes;
  • Coordinate work with Apprentices, Consultants and organize Committees and Board meetings as applies;
  • Ensure close collaboration and coordination and cooperation with the USADF partner for smooth implementation of activities and achievement of result as specified in the grant agreement;
  • Facilitate operations on a day to day basis;
  • Ensure timely deduction and remittance of Statutory deductions that include National Social Security Fund-NSSF, National Hospital Insurance Fund-NHIF, Pay As You Earn-PAYE, Applicable Higher Education Loans Board-HELB, Withholding Taxes-WHT;
  • Working with the Procurement Committee, Apprentices, USADF Lodwar Office and CEZAM (USADF Partner) and Applicable Suppliers, process Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption for goods to be procured under the USADF grant;
  • Working with Apprentices, ensure to address any unmentioned accounting duties for the Nariokotome BMU
  • Working with the board, ensure proper management of project and other BMU assets
Hire and Train Apprentices
  • Prepare and implement a training curriculum and schedule for 2 or more Nariokotome BMU Job trainees (Apprentices) in areas of financial recording and organizational operations;
  • Prepare and carry out Nariokotome Job trainees’ interviews to determine the trainees’ suitability for Nariokotome BMU work;
  • Continually monitor the progress, interests, and the performance of the Nariokotome Job trainees (Apprentices) and make timely recommendations for new skills’ training or replacement;
  • Train apprentices to record direct and indirect expenses of the Nariokotome, and oversee this work.
  • In collaboration with Apprentices, prepare monthly profit/loss statements (simplified income statement) to present to the Board. The Manager shall have trained the apprentices, by the end of their apprenticeship, to complete the profit/loss statements on their own
  • Train and oversee apprentices to record fish sales, home consumption, estimates of lost produce;
  • Train and oversee apprentices activities in creating active market linkages for Nariokotome fish
Monitoring and Data Management
  • Monitor project activities and track fish caught, losses, home consumption and sales, ensuring accurate documentation in numbers and Kenya Shillings, related direct and indirect expenses and share progress with stakeholders;
  • Track and ensure accurate documentation of fish caught and revenues and discuss observations with the board and stakeholders for timely decisions;
  • Ensure that the revenues collected and the number of kilograms sold are accurately recorded in the Nariokotome records and accurately reflected in the already existing performance indicators template as quarterly totals;
  • Ensure that fish revenues and membership fees and related expenditures are accurately recorded in the monthly and quarterly Simplified Financial Statement on the provided template;
  • Conducting any other business as may be in the interests of Nariokotome BMU and USADF
Qualifications for the Nariokotome Enterprise Manager
  • Diploma in Business Management and Administration or Community Development or its quivalent from a recognized institution with 3 years of Job related experience or;
  • Degree in Business Administration and Management, Community Development or their equivalent from a recognized institution with 1 year of Job related experience;
  • Must be computer literate;
  • Must have strong and verifiable accounting skills;
  • Must have conducted trainings or mentored low capacity/grassroots groups successfully;
  • Be proactive and able to work with less or no supervision and be able to meet the stipulated deadlines;
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English/Kiswahili;
How to Apply
All applications should be emailed to Nariokotome BMU Chairperson by March 17, 2016 at 5:00pm. Review of applications will be continuous.

Emailed applications should be sent to: nariokotomebmu@gmail.com and copied to l.kimani@cezam-usadf.org and BBundi@usadf.gov