Opportunities for Distributors in Kenya

Opportunities for Distributors
Lighting Africa, a joint World Bank and IFC program, seeks to accelerate the development of markets for modern affordable off-grid lighting products in Sub-Saharan Africa where close to 600 million people -- or about two-thirds of the population – live without grid electricity. 

This lack of modern energy services severely limits educational and economic opportunities as well as negatively impacting day-to-day quality of life. 

The goal is to mobilize and provide support to the private sector to supply quality, affordable and modern off-grid solar lighting and energy solutions to the people living in areas that are not connected to the electric grid. 

Kenya is a market leader in this field with close to 30% of the volumes of pico-solar lighting and energy systems being sold in Africa coming into the country. 

The market penetration of solar products in off-grid areas in Kenya is now estimated at about 20 - 22% from about 3% in 2009 - a commendable and enviable demonstration of the private sector efforts in increasing energy access.

This impressive growth has attracted manufacturers of good quality and affordable offgrid lighting and energy products who have expressed interest in partnering with local distribution companies. 

In addition, sub-distributors with distribution networks in various counties are keen to tap into this new business line.
Are you interested in tapping into this large and growing market for distributing quality solar products? Lighting Africa is seeking to link up local distributors or subdistributors interested in distributing solar lighting and energy products with these local and international manufacturers.

Interested distributors/sub-distributors should:
  • Have an effective country-wide distribution network in key towns / rural areas / counties either directly or indirectly through reputable partners.
  • Have a good working relationship with trade channels country-wide.
  • Have an established sales and marketing team capable of contributing to a steady growth of the company.
  • Have a good marketing and sales structure that can integrate an additional small-sized service and maintenance unit.
  • Have a sound financial base.
Interested companies meeting the above criteria should send their company profile with an overview of the range of products and brands distributed and their distribution network and reach. 

The company profile should in addition provide a short summary of the organization’s strengths.

Company profiles should be submitted not later than 24th March 2016 using this e-mail address distributors@lightingafrica.org. 

Only short-listed companies will be contacted.

For more details on the Lighting Africa program visit:www.lightingafrica.org