Supply Chain Assistant Career in Kenya

Supply Chain Assistant - Customs / Export
Principal Accountabilities:
Payment of product Taxes and Duties:
  • Daily update of the schedule detailing all duties payable to KRA for all products.
  • Raise duty payment Vouchers for all local product duty payments.
  • To ensure Zero penalization by KRA due to late payment.
Management of bond securities & transit management:
  • Management of all VEK security bonds utilization and cancellation to ensure optimum utility. 
  • Coordinate with C&F agents timely warehousing of all transit products and FIFO utilization.
  • Raise transit and export orders through Agreement Module of JDE and ensure no loadings outside this system.
  • Follow-up with C&F agents for timely loadings and exhaustion of Export and Transit entries.
  • Follow-up with C&F agents for proper endorsements of entries by KRA and return for processing of bond replenishments.
  • Follow-up with C&F agents to ensure timely bond cancellation at Times Towers.
  • Ensure transit extensions are applied and grated timely by KRA to assure business continuity.
  • Audit all loadings monthly to ensure all local and transit loadings captured by KRA’s COSIS system records tally with VEK’s & VEU’s records.
  • Carry out regular bond securities’ audits to ensure they are only utilized for VEK’s operations, timely retirement and execution of new ones and compliance with all KRA requests and demands.
  • Ensure at no one time is VEK not able to deliver transit products due to unavailability of sufficient bond.
  • Ensure Zero penalizations by KRA due to expired transit periods.
Compliance with KRA regulations
  • Maintain daily communications with KRA to ensure no negative publicity related to compliance issues and if any raise it immediately with supervisor.
  • Action on all non-compliance issues raised by KRA immediately they are raised and get formal confirmations from KRA on close-out of each.
  • Monitor changes in the above regulatory environment and focal points on the best way to comply.
  • Conduct monthly reconciliation with KRA KOSF to ensure all imported products have been fully accounted for and captured in KRA records.
  • Reconciliation of all KRA demands from Customs Services Department to ensure close-out and formal communication of the same by KRA.
  • Monthly reporting of all outstanding KRA demands
Business Support
  • Support to all business Units in VEK when declaring imports and exports to ensure correct documentation.
  • Follow up Refunds lodged at Times Tower to ensure timely payments and negotiate with KRA for maximum payments.  
C&F Performance
  • Daily follow-up of the C&F agents to ensure they deliver their daily.
  • Follow-up with C&F agents to ensure timely reporting and close-out of actions both raised in the reports and monthly KPI meetings. 
  • Coordinate monthly KPI review meetings for the two C&F agents.
Job Knowledge, Skills and Experience
  • A working knowledge with relevant Tax laws (East Africa Community Customs Management Act)
  • Good business relationship and contacts with relevant Tax authority teams .
  • Good experience in C&F operations and processes.
  • A sound understanding of accounting principles and concepts and their application. Especially Microsoft Office - Excel /MS Access, JDE.
  • Working knowledge of JDE Supply Operator module .
How to Apply 

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